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RIP Tattoos is one of the best tattoo training studio/parlor in South Delhi, India. At our studio, we provide comprehensive tattoo training programs that covers all aspects of tattooing, starting from basic sketching courses to making you accomplished tattoo artist. Abhijeet Dhaila the man behind the success story of R.I.P. Tattoos and one of the finest artist in the country has trained over 350+ students in last 7 years. We have trained students from almost all the major parts of the country and even students from Europe and United States have shown great faith in the teaching methods of R.I.P. Tattoos.

We receive applications from students of over 20 nations for training and apprenticeship under Abhijeet Dhaila which has further motivated us and as a result we have enhanced and diversified our training modules to provide our students a world class experience. All our tattoo courses are conducted with great personal attention for one simple reason.. we have to give the best to take out the best in you.

Benefits of getting tattoo training by RIP Tattoos

  • Training under expert guidance of Abhijeet Dhaila.
  • R.I.P’s comprehensive training module covers all aspects of tattooing starting from basic sketching to making you accomplished tattoo artist.
  • As mentioned above we receive applications from students of over 20 nations across the globe, which provides you an opportunity to train on a global platform.
  • Choosing R.I.P Tattoo ensures you a bright future as most of our students after successful completion of training have joined our chain of studios and remaining have set up their own studios.
  • We use modern machines enabled with all the latest features to give you the best in class experience and from the very first day of training emphasis is laid on hygiene protocols.
  • After the completion of training you become part of R.I.P Family, which provides you the luxury of further assistance and guidance for lifetime.


  • Introduction to the Art World.
  • Sketching practice by Box pattern.
  • Knowledge about the shape and structure.
  • Shading practice.
  • Introduction with colors.
  • Blending and mixing of colors.
  • Color shading practice.
  • Selection and maintenance of colors.
  • Introduction to 3D Art.
  • Introduction to the Bio Mechanical Tattoos.
  • Introduction to the Bio Fossil Tattoos.
  • Introduction to the Bio Morph Tattoos.
  • Thorough practice and implementation of all art works.
  • Create your own world.
  • Enhancement and Extensions of Basis Tattoo.
  • Framing of tattoo.
  • Making of tattoo stencil.
  • Placement of tattoo stencil.
  • Set up of the tattoo Workstation.
  • Tattoo machine Mechanics & Setup.
  • Tattoo machine Voltage Setting.
  • Knowledge about the Needles.
  • Starting with Artificial Skin.
  • Outlining practice over Artificial Skin.
  • Shading practice over Artificial Skin.
  • Coloring practice over Artificial Skin.
  • Self Assessment week.
  • Practice everything you have learned over the Artificial Skin.
  • Creative week.
  • Acknowledgement of Artist within.
WEEK #10
  • Starring up with the real skin.
  • Practicing it over your own skin or a volunteer you bring along.
WEEK #11
  • Public Relation Week.
  • Assisting your senior artist in handling their clients. Getting knowledge about client handling and client satisfaction.
WEEK #12
  • Revision Week.
  • Overcome every mistake you have occurred in past training sessions and be your own Judge.

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FAQs About Tattoo Training/Course

Q1.  How to become a tattoo artist?

Tattooing is a field of art and creativity and is a very vast concept. The first and foremost step is to understand if this really is the career path you wish to opt for. Once you certain with your choice then there isn’t any particular academic degree required for it, however the knowledge of various art forms would definitely help you with it. This could be attained by attending tattoo training/course/classes, researching by yourself or by joining an established tattoo institute.

Apart from this, good communication skills are a must have for any tattoo artist. One should be able to understand the need and requirement of the client and then interpret the same ideas in his/her work. Aspirant artist also needs to be an opportunist. They need to grab the apprenticeship opportunities whenever it comes their way as it will further help them in employment opportunities.

Q2. How much does it cost to become a tattoo artist?

Tattooing courses starts from basic to advance. Basic courses are the one opted by individuals who wish to pursue it as a hobby and wish to learn something new. At the same time advance course are the taken by those who wish to build a career in the tattooing industry. Fee for the basic course starts at 75000 Rupees going up to 5 lakhs for advance courses with a reputed and licensed studio.

Q3. Does Tattoo Artist get paid well?

Indian tattooing has been growing tremendously creating great earning opportunities. On an average a tattoo artist easily make anything between 1500-2000 Rupees per hour. The more fortunate and established artist can earn as much as 5000-10000 Rupees per hour. This mostly depends on the years of experience earned and the artwork done over the years. Moreover this earning capacity further increases with time as these artist later can open up their own tattoo shops creating a brand of their own. So earning can vary anything from 30000 to over 5 lakh a month depending the amount of hours invested.

Q4. Is Tattooing Hard to Learn?

Learning a new skill is never easy, so is with tattooing. It requires understanding about various forms of art and tattooing and also need to posses’ good sketching skills. It requires great amount of hard work, patience and dedication to be a tattoo artist. Knowledge of human anatomy as well helps an artist to cater his client in a better way. And since trends keep changing from time to time as an artist you need to keep evolving yourself to be best at what you do.

Q5. Do apprentices get paid?

Apprenticeship is earned to learn the skills form an established artist. As an apprentice an Individual offers services in return of learning offered by the artist you are working for. Apprentice gets to earn when meet they meet the desired expectations of the professional artist and start working alongside as an employee in most of the situations. Although there are studio who offer paid apprenticeship as well.

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