How Much Does a Tattoo Artist Earn/Make in India?

Tattoo industry in todays world is a billion dollar industry worldwide. In India we have witnessed a very high growth since year 2000-2001. Even today the demand for good tattoo artist is much higher than the available work force.

Tattooing therefore is looked forward as a great carrier oppurtunity and we
can see more and more artist joining this art form. Along with a creative life the perks and remuneration are additional benefit that comes for the artist.
On an average a tattoo artist easily make anything between 1500-2000 Rupees per hour.

The more fortunte and established artist can earn as much as 5000-10000 Rupees per hour. This mostly depends on the years of experience earned and the artwork done over the years. Moreover this earning capacity
furthur increases with time as these artist later can open up their own tattoo shops creating a brand of their own.

Benefits of being a tattoo artist:

 If art is what you live for than this is the profession for you. It can be really satisfying to see your art getting inked on someone. People trusting you is a great feeling and helps you in building more confidence in oneself.
 Respect and trust are the foundation of the tattoo industry. Client trust the artist with their work and the ability to visualize that artwork and ink it for them. At the same time those artist who become skilled at tattooing gain the respect of other by themselves.
 Being a tattoo artist also help in creating a balance between work and professional life since the working hours can be flexible for an artist depending on his/her availabilty which in return offers self satisfaction. This furthur results in continues improvement in oneself and the work that they do.
 Tattooing industry also brings job security along with it since this cannot be outsourced. Artist has to be present to complete the task by themselves.

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