How do You Become a Certified Tattoo Artist?

When you enjoy art and fashion and are curious about tattoos, it can be a rewarding profession to become a tattoo artist. It’s not easy to try a career in tattooing as in other artistic trades. There are considerable expense and time investment to get a job as a tattoo artist, but the payoff has the potential to be so much more.

There’s more than one road to becoming a tattoo artist-the path you want depends heavily on what kind of artist you want to be, resources, talent, and the possibilities in your field. Nonetheless, certain specific steps must be taken by all aspiring artists to develop your skill level, gain knowledge of the trade and learn the art of tattooing. Here’s how to get started.

  • Learn the basic fundamental of Tattooing

How long does it take to learn to tattoo? The first and foremost thing a person has to do is introduce him from simple tattooing fundamentals. What are the products and devices used in tattooing, what is a rotary machine and what are a coil tool, and all kinds of machines? Which is the difference between such computer types? There are plenty of hell things you need to cover up to learn the fundamentals of tattooing.

What is a person’s safety protection, how to prevent tattoo scars, how to treat if tattooing is too painful for people, what if a tattoo infection happens while tattooing?

It’s not all about human skin extracting tattoo dye. You have to take care of their lots of thinking and preparation before and after tattooing. So, the first step to being a professional tattoo artist is to know the basics.

  • Complete an Apprenticeship.

How do tattoo artists make money? The most important thing to become a tattoo artist is to get the requisite qualifications under the qualified tattoo artist. So work for several months under the guidance of professional tattoo artist to perfect the art.

There you’ll learn a lot of things, but you don’t have much research to do at the beginning, as we said tattooing isn’t just injecting ink to make design, you’ve got to take care of a lot of stuff like mixing ink correctly, you’ve got to know how to correctly sterilize your tattoo tools and many other items.

  • Get a License

You need a license to work as a tattoo artist or to open a tattoo shop and become a licensed and accredited tattoo artist. But either state to state or nation to the country depends on that.

There are therefore specific procedures to obtain a tattoo license for each region. Much of the territory, however, requires advanced schooling and 500-hour training in the under-professional tattoo artist, and you must also go through an exam to receive a tattoo license as an artist.


Tattooing is a complicated art and it’s not a month’s task where you have to work hard for months to grow a skilful hand in tattooing so that you can practice practical art. Start an apprenticeship to do a lot of work to get a license. Buy tools and tattoo system.

You will become a great tattoo artist gradually with time and be passionate about your work.

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