Tattoo Trends

Tattoos hold different meanings to different people; for some it signifies sentiments for others its artistry. The trends keep changing with time and with place too. From heavy organic designs to naked thin line styles, color palette to realistic details-tattoo trends could vary in every part of the world. There are some trendy designs that would never go off the vogue- the art of vines, flowers or bouquets in heavy black work. Some prefer to have bold black ink over the colored ones, whereas others like classy watercolor style that blends with delicate fine lines.

The inspiring quotes at any part of body in thin pins are a moving trend too, be it on shoulder, neckline, side of thumb or near the naval point, it gives an eye catchy message to the viewers.
Playing with minimalism is striking too, presenting an artistic and delicate bent of style. Dot designs at the back of the neck or running big and small dots at the ankle are examples of such style.

It doesn’t matter what the design is, but what matters is that it beholds much deeper meaning behind the intent. Based on client’s perception and liking pinning down one popular trend is nearly impossible.

So get pinned what you like.

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