Tattoo Aftercare Tips – Keep Your Tattoo Safe

Tattoo aftercare is a necessary step. This must be explored by tattoo artist during tattooing or after getting tattoo done on your body. You must be careful about your tattoo from first day. Here, a few steps for tattoo aftercare:
• Tattoo on your skin is like a normal wound so it must be considered to take care like one.
• For one week, cover your tattoo, to safe from dirt, but remind one it must in the contact of air.
• Protect your tattoo from Sun 30 days, because it reasons rashes or sunburn.
• Keep way from water on regular basis, contact with water regularly causes mucus which leads to fading of tattoo colors.
• Avoid any physical exercising which cause pressure over the tattoo areas. It blurs the Tattoo.
• Do Not Prick or Peel the scab of tattoo. Let it take its own time for healing.
• Mostly all artists shave or remove the hair of the around the tattoo area, growth of fresh hair in that become itchy. Do not scratch it or else it could form a wound
• Apply a thin layer of Bacitracin Ointment for initial 2 days, in order to keep tattoo safe from Bacteria’s & Germs, as prescribed by the artist.
• Apply the Aftercare Ointment given by the artist for at least 4 days after the course of Bacitracin Ointment.
• Gently clean the mucus excreted by the tattoo wound, every day.
• Take bath regularly, without soap or any synthetic product over the tattooed area & dry the area As Soon As Possible after bath.
• Try & use Luke warm water while taking bath.
• In order to be completely secure kindly go for Tetanus injection after the tattoo.
• Kindly pat over the tattooed area if you feel really itchy, that might help.
• Use apricot scrub & Gently scrub the tattoo after the proper healing of the tattoo (after 45 days).
• Please note most tattoos are spoiled because of the improper after care done by the tattooed person. So please follow the procedure properly as tattoos are FOREVER.
• Take care & cherish what you have as a part of your body now.
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