Some Precautions To Minimize Pain From Tattoo

When we ask tattoo lovers whether getting a tattoo on body is painful or not, some people will response “Yes” and some people will say “No”. What many people would agree on tattooing directly over a bone part like elbow, ankle and knee hurt more than a tattoo that we want on shoulder, arm, wrist etc. It doesn’t mean that tattooing on this part is not painful. Comparatively it hurts less. If you have decided the tattoo artwork on your body, take some precautions before sitting for the inking to minimize pain and keep yourself relaxed throughout the process.

Your artist might suggest you to take some non-narcotic and anti-inflammatory medication. It helps and reduces the level of pain without making you lethargic. Avoid Alcohol, it is the worst thing if you consume it before tattooing, alcohol thins your blood that may cause bleed more. Also avoid painkillers; the amount required to completely counteract the pain of a tattoo would make you unconscious and not any artist like to work on sleeping body. You are suggested to eat something, which is high in protein, protein raises energy level and helps you to tolerate pain much better than it would if your stomach were empty.

Drink adequate water, during and after the tattooing. During the process, significant pain can cause your body to heat up and sweating, that reduces the water level of your body than usual. So you are advised to stay hydrated.

In studio, which you have selected for tattooing, aim a fan directly at your head and upper body. Most shops provide this but you don’t find it than ask your tattoo artist to arrange it. A cooling fan will keep your temperature stable and reduce the chances of fainting. It is rarely seen that some faints from being tattooed, but it can happen.

After the process is complete and you are happy with your artwork on body, follow the instruction he tells you for aftercare. It helps to reduce the enduring significant pain that you may feel for the next some weeks.

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