7 Useful Tattoo Aftercare Tips

People are crazy about getting tattooed but it’s very important to take proper care and precautions to save your skin from infections, after all it’s an artificial inking on your skin. For tattoo aftercare, RIP suggests following little steps:

  1. At initial stage : Just after tattooing, the bandage must be left for at least two hours. The time may increase depending upon the size of the tattoo. According to RIP, bandage should be kept on for up to 24 hours. They suggest you appropriately based on the size and the place where tattoo is done. If one finds it difficult to remove the bandage, it can be soaked in cold water for easy removal.
  2. Wash care after removal of bandage : For the first week, tattoo must be washed two times a day with a mild soap or antibacterial solution only, of course with soft movements of finger tips. Rubbing and scratching can invite infections and rashes. It can then be pat dried by soft cotton cloth or towel. Do remember, for giving soothing effect, it should be washed gently with warm water. Cold water can be used later after a week. So getting tattooed in winters would be a great idea. In any case, hot water usage for cleaning fresh tattoo is strictly prohibited.
  3. Medical care / application of ointments : Little medicare helps in avoiding unnecessary skin ailments. When the bandage is removed, RIP suggests applying a thin layer of antibacterial / antibiotic ointment after 24 hours to avoid skin infections and irritations. These ointments also give soothing effect on the freshly tattooed skin. It may be applied for 3-4 times a day for about a week. Do not use petroleum jelly’s or petroleum based products as it cuts the oxygen supply to the skin.
  4. Moisturizing is a must : Just after your medicare is over, you need to keep your tattoo moisturized always for about another 15 days or so. Apply a non-sticky and unscented moisturizing lotion, 3- 4 times a day.
  5. Avoid being in sun : A newly done tattoo on skin is vulnerable to sun’s rays. It can affect in fading away the shades of your tattoo. For this you may either avoid going out in peak sun, of course no sun beds at this stage or else wear loose clothes that cover your tattoo. A thin layer of light sunscreen must be on every time you are out for few days at least.
    Avoid being in sun
  6. Never ever scratch : Do not prick or peel your tattoo when they are new. They increase skin irritations and result in severe skin infections.
  7. Consult Doctor : If you face any such irritation issues of itchiness, harshness, rashes, pus, or infection, consult your doctor.

RIP Tattoos Artist give proper instructions for aftercare of tattoo with easy takeaway tips. They guide you according to your skin type. If you follow RIP tattoo artists’ instructions, you can preserve your tattoo for a longer time. Rip make sure that your tattoo is properly taken care of so that it heals well within time without hurting you.

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